Techniques and technologies used for drilling wells

  • Drilling of deviated wells, the company actively applies rotary-controlled systems and MWD with a hydraulic communication channel
  • Under complex drilling conditions, the company is practicing the addition of LWD logging tools to the bottom of the drill string assembly
  • For drilling, there are layouts that include Dog-sub, PDC bits of the new generation, type AxeBlade, StingBlade, Onyx, Onyx360 and Kymera type
  • Application of modern drilling mud systems that allow drilling wells with presence of overpressured formations (mud weight up to 2,20 g/cm3)
  • The company uses modern mud systems for drilling fluids: Derrick 2000, Derrick SN, DP-626 model and 613, NOV Brandt, МІ SWACO Mongoose Linear Motion Shale Shaker, centrifugal units produced by МІ SWACO
  • The presence and use of a powerful park of a drilling tools: HWDP Ø229-89 mm – 2300 m; HWDP Ø114-127 mm – 500 m; drilling pipes Ø73-140 mm – 50000 m; main drilling pipe Ø89-133 mm - 30 pcs.
  • Use of triplex drilling pumps: F 800, F 1000, F1300, F 1600, PZ-9